What we offer?
* We provide only private one to one lessons.
* Lessons are conducted at various locations.
* Instructors are professional,qualified.
* Lessons are customized based on your requests.
* Schedules are arranged based on your availability.
* Corporate lessons can be arranged at your office.

* レッスンは全てマンツーマンです。
* 受講場所を選ぶことができます。
* インストラクターはプロフェッショナルで親しみやすい有資格者です。
* レッスンはご希望によりカスタマイズできます。
* ご自身の都合に合わせてご受講いただけます。
* 法人向けレッスンのご提供が可能です。

What makes us different from the rest?
* We specialize in Japanese lessons for English speakers!
* We focus on communication and use the CLT method.
* We are reasonably priced and our lessons are first class.

* 外国人学習者のための日本語レッスンに特化しております。
* コミュニケーション重視でCLT メソッドを使用しております。
* 低価格で一流のレッスンを提供します。

The Gaba Japanese language program (Jaba) was originally created as an in-house benefit for Gaba instructors and full time staff. Over the past couple of years we have developed what we believe is a high quality,competitive program and we are now proud to make it available to the general public. Our overall goal is to help our clients enhance their quality of life in Japan through both improved language skills and cultural understanding in the workplace and the community.


Contact us to arrange for a free demo lesson and decide for yourself.


We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Team Jaba!


Coming Soon! March Maddness Campaign!!
Feb. 16, 2015 1:08 PM

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Japanese Dialogue
Feb. 2, 2015 5:57 PM

Japanese Corner: Exam Season 受験(じゅけん)シーズン

Tsubasa, a high school student, who’s been nervous due to his upcoming university entrance exams, is complaining to his younger brother Kaito.
Tsubasa: Hey, I heard the flu is going around at your school?
Kaito: Yeah, there are some students who’ve caught the flu, both in my class and in the handball club.
Tsubasa: You’ve had your flu shot, right?
Kaito: Nope, I haven’t.
Tsubasa: What? Why on earth haven’t you?
Kaito: Because... I didn’t get it last year, or the year before last.
Tsubasa: Stop kidding around! Don’t you know I’m taking entrance exams? What are you going to do if you’ve caught the flu and then catch it from you before the National Center Test?
Kaito: But, I don’t know what to do… there is no use getting the shot now…
Tsubasa: OK, that’s it! I’ll get even with you. I’m not getting the shot, the year after the next when you will be taking the entrance exam!
Kaito: …
Notes ★予防接種(よぼうせっしゅ) : immunization, vaccination, shot
★一昨年(おととし) : the year before the last (casual)
★一昨年(いっさくねん): the year before the last (formal)
★受験生(じゅけんせい) : a general term for students who are supposed to take entrance exams toward the end of the school year, especially those who are prepar-ing for university entrance examinations.
★(大学入試だいがくにゅうし )センター試験(しけん): The National Center Test (for University Admissions), a standardized test used by national and other public universities and some private universities in Japan.
★再来年(さらいねん): the year after next
Natural Expressions
be going around (diseases) / be in, prevailing (fashion, trend, idea, etc.)
A nasty cold is going around at my son’s elemen-tary school.
on earth, in the world, -ever
一体全体(いったいぜんたい)どうしてあんな間違(まちが)いをしたの だろう?
Why in the world did I make such a mistake?
What are you going to do about~?
How are you going to make up for~?
You screwed up my party. How are going to make it up to me?
There is no use ~ing.
It is useless to~.
It is useless to argue with that guy.

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