Holiday Greetings to all!

Dec. 21, 2021 9:08 AM

Taku and Miki are coworkers and friends. They are talking about their Christmas plans.]

Taku: You seem to be in high spirits today. What’s up?

Miki: Well, I’ve finally got tickets for the ballet performance that I’ve wanted to go to for, like, ever! It’s on Christmas day, at The New National Theater in Tokyo! I’m already so excited.

Taku: Wow, ballet? I thought you were only interested in tennis?

Miki: Yeah, I can’t live without tennis, but I’ve loved ballet too since I was a little girl. Do you know “The Nutcracker”?

Taku: Well, I know the name of it, but I’ve never seen ballet before.

Miki: Well, the story is about Christmas Eve. It’s become a signature winter event because many theaters around the world put on this performance at this time of year.

Taku: I know nothing about ballet, but my impression of it is too sophisticated and expensive.

Miki: I kinda know what you mean. But I think you’d enjoy “The Nutcracker” if you like music. Many of the numbers are well known and used a lot. Besides, seeing it live is a really powerful and special experience. Oh, I can’t wait for Christmas! What about you, Taku? What’s your plan for Christmas?

Taku: Um, I’m pretty sure I need to work late as usual both on Christmas day and Christmas Eve. The project I’ve been working on has been keeping me super busy recently.

Miki: Really? Isn’t it a little sad at Christmas?

Taku: Well, I have no choice. The only Christmassy thing I’ll do this year is eat some leftover cake after work.

★新国立劇場(しんこくりつげきじょう, Shin Kokuritsu Gekijyou): The New National Theater Tokyo
★風物詩(ふうぶつし, huubutsushi): signature event of a season, seasonal charms

Natural Expressions
浮かれている ukarete iru
“be in high spirits” / “be in a festive mood”

Party de minna ukareteiru.
The party puts everyone in high spirits.

(~が)ないと生きていけない (~ga)nai to ikite ikenai “can’t live without ~”

Sumaho ga naito ikite ikenai.
I can’t live without my smartphone.

毎年この時期になると maitoshi kono jiki ni naru to
“at this time of year” / “every year around this time”

Kono jiki ni naru to nihon no dono machi demo matsuri ga okonawareru.
At this time of year, there are a lot of festivals in towns all over Japan.

(~を)生で観る (~wo) nama de miru “see ~ live”

Example もっとたくさんのバンドの演奏を生で観たい。
Motto takusan no bando no ensou wo nama de mitai.
I want to see more bands perform live.