First Visit

Gaba LS

To our external clients.

Some of you may know that our parent company is Gaba English Conversation Schools. We conduct the Jaba (Japanese lessons) in the same building as the English conversation lessons, so there are a few rules we'd like for you to observe when entering and exiting the Gaba LS (LS = Learning Studio).

Since our Gaba instructors are from all over the world and may look just like you. The Gaba LS staff may not know that you are there at the LS for a Jaba lesson unless you inform the person at the front counter.

1. Please inform the LS staff that you are there for a Jaba lesson that starts at ____ time? So, the staff can inform the Jaba instructor that you are there and the Jaba instructor can guide you to your study booth.

As our Gaba staff would not know you were a Jaba client until you introduce yourself and inform them the same goes for the Gaba LS clients who are there to study English.

At first glance they will automatically assume that you are a Gaba instructor.

2. Our Gaba instructors have a dress code at the Gaba LS, you being a client of course do not have a dress code, but we do ask that you pay attention to your wear.

We do not allow cut off shorts, tank tops and flip flops, it is a standard dress code that we want everyone to respect.

The traditional dress for clients is casual, but not overly so. So, please keep that in mind when coming to the LS for a lesson.

Lastly, since the LS is very busy at certain times, we ask that you please come about 10mins prior to your lesson and to leave soon after your lesson to avoid over crowding in the waiting area.

Additionally, we ask that you show basic respect to other clients and staff at the Gaba LS. If you have a problem, let the staff know and someone will assist you.

We try to provide a clean, safe and relaxing experience for those visiting our Gaba LS and kindly ask that you abide by the above guidance.

Jaba Staff