First Visit

The Demo Lesson


When you visit Jaba for the first time, we will of course give you a free demo lesson. During the demo lesson, your assigned instructor will gauge your level and discuss with you a study plan.

The lesson will be part level check, part lesson, part consultation. The instructor needs to find out your level, by asking you various questions and also discuss how and what you'd like to study.

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We also use the CLT method (communicative language teaching) as we want get you talking as soon and as much as possible. Our instructors try to keep their (TTT) teacher talk time to about 30% teacher, 70% student. It will take a few lessons to get there, but we want you to try your best.

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The lesson content and flow will be decided by you and the instructor together, as we do our best to customize the lessons based on your level, needs and goal(s).

During the demo lesson, do not hesitate to ask questions or make requests.

Once the demo lesson is complete, one of the Jaba staff will also speak with you directly to discuss your goals and lesson content in more detail.