Lesson Fees

All non-Gaba related clients are considered “external clients” even if they previously worked for Gaba as FT or as an instructor and are charged 3,500 yen per 40 minute customized lesson. They too can purchase from 5 ~ 50 lesson points. 1 lesson point equals 1 40 minute lesson. Taxes are charged to all point purchases according to the tax laws of Japan. See the below lesson point chart for external / non Gaba related clients.


Corporate Clients
Corporate lessons are lessons conducted at your office. The lessons are basically 60 minutes long, but can be extended by 30 minutes if you request so. To arrange for corporate (B to B) lessons, your company HR person needs to contact our corporate team and request through them.

For complete details, visit our the Gaba Corporate website: http://www.gaba.co.jp/corp/japanese-training/

(Sorry, the information on the corporate site is provided in Japanese only).