Level Check

Self assessment

Dear prospective clients,
In order for us to prepare for your demo lesson, we ask that you please take a few minutes to complete the self-assessment test below and share the results with us, via your application form.

The test is very simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. It is not a very detailed test, in that it cannot show us all your weaknesses, but it does give us a starting point to focus on.

The test has two parts, A and B:
Follow the simple instructions and click on any selection that represents your level in Part A and once done, scroll down to Part B and make your selection.
The results of test are automatic; wherever you stopped in Part A represents your overall level and your selection in Part B represents your reading and writing ability.

After you've arranged and taken a demo lesson with us; you will be given a Lesson Feedback sheet from the Jaba instructor that conducted your demo lesson. The lesson feedback sheet gives you a more detailed examination of your current level and weakness as well as advice on how to improve from the instructor.

We look forward to hearing from you.