System Basics


Registration fee
We do not charge a registration fee. You pay only for the lessons.

Self assessment test
If you are unsure of your current level, take a few minutes and try our self assessment test. The more we know about your current ability the better we can prepare for your demo / trial lesson.

The demo lesson
A free demo / trial lesson can be arranged upon request. The demo lesson is 40 minutes long and is basically an opportunity for our instructors to get a better gauge on your level and needs, as well as a chance for you to discuss actual lesson content and flow.

The actual lesson
A lesson is a 40 minute private lesson. We incorporate the CLT method (Communicative Language Training). Our goal is to help you communicate for real time situations. We try to stick to a strict 70/30 ITT (Instructor Talk Time), 70% student vs 30% teacher. The lessons are customized to the client's specific needs and requests.

The lesson point
One lesson = one lesson point. Clients can purchase from 5 ~ 50 lesson points, depending on the length they wish to study, the amount of study days per week and so on. Please consult with the Gaba staff on what point option would be best for your study plan.

Buying lesson points
All lesson payments are made via bank transfer. Before transferring any funds to our account you will receive an Order Form number from the Jaba staff. The Order form number should be placed in front of your name or in the “Note” option box depending on your bank. The number is used to track your payment and activate your account. We do not accept cash, credit or debit cards. All payments are made via bank transfer only and all lesson point purchases must be confirmed before we can book your lessons.

Booking lessons
Once your bank transfer for lesson points has been confirmed; your lesson points will be activated. The Jaba staff will then discuss your lesson schedule with you and book lessons on your behalf with your assigned Instructor. Of course, it is ok for you to discuss future lesson schedules with your Instructor, but in order to officially book lessons you must contact the Jaba staff either by mail or phone with your lesson schedule request and a Jaba staff will book your lesson according to your request. We prefer to set lessons schedules on a regular weekly basis whenever possible, but we allow flexibility for those with irregular schedules.

Point tracking and Cancellation procedures
Clients may cancel lessons by 18:00 the day prior to a scheduled lesson without penalty. You can contact us by telephone number or email address to do so. A no-show for a scheduled lesson is considered a penalty cancel and counted as 1 lesson point used. If you wish to cancel a Monday lesson, please try to do so by 18:00 the Friday before the weekend as we do not monitor the messages over the weekend. Jaba staff will track your lessons using our internal intranet system. Staff will book, cancel and or reschedules lessons directly with you to avoid miscommunication of lesson schedules and point totals. Clients can only book or cancel lessons via requests to personnel. If you do not show for a scheduled lesson without contacting staff; that will be considered a penalty cancellation, the same penalty cancellation also applies to same day cancellations.

Lesson feedback
Lesson feedback is extremely important for us and always welcome. We encourage clients to give us lesson feedback as much as possible either verbally or by email. If there are points about the lesson or our service that concerns you, then please let your voice be heard. Of course we also welcome positive feedback. Customer Satisfaction is very important to us, so please give us your feedback.

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Please feel free to contact us with your inquiries. As all lessons are customized based on your needs and goals, we will do our best to help you reach those goals. Pricing for all lessons other than regular lessons at dealt with on a case by case basis.



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